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Are you tired of carrying a stack of business cards everywhere you go? Do you want to elevate your networking game and make it more efficient? Then look no further than mTap, the NFC-enabled digital business card solution that will change how you connect with others.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Business Cards

Traditional business cards are a thing of the past. Exchanging them can be cumbersome, and losing track of your collected cards is easy. With mTap, you can create a customized NFC-enabled digital business card with all your contact information, email address, skills, phone number, website, and social links, to create your network hub.

Elevate your networking game with mTap’s NFC-enabled digital business cards and leave a lasting impression on your connections.

What is mTap?

mTap is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that lets you create a personalized profile with all your relevant information. With NFC-enabled digital cards, you can create a virtual business card easily shareable with others. Scan the card with your phone, and all your contact information will be instantly available.

Simplify your networking efforts and capture leads effortlessly with mTap’s intuitive mobile app and powerful CRM integrations.

What Can You Use Inside mTap?

With mTap, you can do more than share your contact information. Here are some other features that make mTap a must-have tool for networking:

  1. Profile: Customize your profile with various link types, including management, custom, special (bio, embedded video, presentation), and themes.
  2. QR Code: Use a generic or personalized QR code to share your information.
  3. Email Signatures: Add your mTap information to your email signature manually or integrate it with your email client.
  4. mTap Device Management: Manage your mTap device and keep it up to date with the latest features.
  5. Mobile App: Use the mTap mobile app to set up SMS/email templates, manually create contacts by scanning paper cards, and auto-lead connect with SMS/email.

Manage Your Leads and Contacts with mTap; with mTap, you can easily manage your leads and contacts in one place.

Say goodbye to outdated paper business cards and hello to mTap’s customizable digital profiles for seamless networking on-the-go..
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mTap Best Value PRODUCT FOR Businesses

NFC Business Cards: The Future Of Networking

Here are some ways mTap can help you do that:

mTap Teams: Centralize your brand’s digital networking with corporate and personalized digital profiles. Easily set up your business and team profile, eliminate data entry errors and delays, and monitor your team’s performance.

Productivity Tool: Automatically share your information using SMS/email when you create a contact in the mTap mobile app networking hub. You can create contacts and sync with your CRM in four ways: scanning paper cards, manual entry, importing from the address book or opening another person’s mTap card.

Benefits of using mTap:

  1. Increases Business Sales and ROI: According to Adobe, exchanging business cards could increase business sales and ROI by up to 2.5x. mTap provides a digital solution for exchanging business information, making it easier to follow up with potential leads.
  2. Eliminates the Need for Physical Business Cards: With mTap, there’s no need to carry physical business cards. Users can create a personalized digital profile with their contact information, social media links, phone number, website URL, and more.
  3. Avoids Embarrassment: With mTap, users don’t have to worry about being unprepared or missing out on potential opportunities due to not having a physical business card.
  4. Improves Networking Efficiency: mTap enables users to quickly and easily exchange contact information, making networking more efficient.
  5. Increases Follow-Up Opportunities: With mTap, users can capture contact information from potential leads and follow up with them later, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.
  6. Improves Branding: mTap provides customizable digital business cards that allow users to showcase their brand and personality.
  7. Enhances Social Media Presence: mTap allows users to share their social media accounts with a single tap, increasing their followers and connections across all platforms.
  8. Enables Payment Collection: mTap users can share payment information, such as Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or Cash App, making it easier to collect customer payments.
  9. Provides Analytics: mTap offers a wide range of analytics, including lead and contact management, CRM and payment integrations, and team performance monitoring.
  10. Reduces Costs: mTap reduces the cost of physical business cards while increasing networking efficiency and follow-up opportunities, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals.

mTap is a modern and efficient solution for networking and exchanging contact information. With NFC-enabled digital cards, mTap allows for easy and personalized sharing of contact details, social media accounts, payment information, and more.

Its user-friendly platform and extensive customization options make it a suitable tool for individuals and businesses, with benefits such as cost savings on paper business cards, increased ROI from networking events, and real-time lead and contact management.

With the digital business card market estimated to reach $3.1 billion by 2027, mTap is an innovative and timely solution that can help users stay ahead of the game.

What does lifetime deal mean?

Once you purchase and redeem a lifetime deal, you have access to that tool for the lifetime of the product. As long as the tool is still available, the partner has agreed you’ll have access to it.

What, if I miss lifetime deal?

If you miss a lifetime deal, you will have to pay recurring monthly fees to use this tool. Lifetime deal may not come again for you so don’t miss grabbing it now.


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