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Alertbits Lifetime Deal – The Ideal Solution for Automated Website Monitoring


Websites are a fundamental part of any business, and their changes significantly impact the volume of web traffic they receive. Keeping up with these changes is essential to ensure the success of your business online.

Alertbits is an automated website monitoring tool that alerts businesses via email, Slack, Discord, or Telegram, for any changes on their website. This web monitoring tool crawls the entire site. It notifies the user of any changes, making it an easy and effective way to stay updated with changes on your website.

According to research by SpiderMonitor.com, automated website monitoring can save businesses up to 70% of their time compared to manual checks. That is why Alertbits presents an ideal solution for businesses that want to monitor their website changes timely and efficient.

Whether in content, design, or other features, website changes positively and negatively impact web traffic. Manual checks to determine these changes can be a pain, time-consuming, and ineffective.

With Alertbits, businesses can quickly identify and monitor changes to web pages or crawl entire sites. It allows users to specify the URL, check frequency, and monitor specific areas or the entire page for visual changes.

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This feature enables businesses to collect invaluable business insight and data and stay updated on important information that can impact web traffic. The tool has configurable options such as minimum change trigger, storage, browser width, actions, cookies, user-agent, location, timing, and more.

Alertbits also has a feature that allows users to automate time-consuming tasks and scale website monitoring. Its crawlers can browse a site, find all the links and pages, and track them for you.

Alertbits – Easily Track & Monitor Any Website Changes to Stay on Top..

Alertbits Lifetime Deal

Monitoring a website regularly can save businesses three more hours per week compared to manual checks, according to Clark.com. Alertbits makes website monitoring even more manageable by providing features like monitoring sites for element changes.

Users can quickly click and select a specific HTML element on a page to monitor. The element’s screenshot, text content, and source code are monitored and highlighted for changes. Users can also configure the minimum change trigger and specific alert conditions.

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Alertbits Best Value PRODUCT FOR Web Monitoring

Automated Website Monitoring Solution

Benefits of using Alertbits for website monitoring:

  1. Saves time: Alertbits can automate website monitoring tasks and save businesses up to 70% of the time it takes to check websites manually.
  2. Improved website traffic: Keeping up with changes to a website is crucial to maintaining traffic, and Alertbits helps businesses achieve this by promptly alerting them of any changes.
  3. Efficient website maintenance: Regular website maintenance can help detect errors and reduce downtime, and Alertbits helps with this by identifying website changes before they turn into customer-reported issues.
  4. Customizable monitoring: Alertbits allows businesses to configure monitoring settings based on their unique needs, such as monitoring specific areas or entire pages for visual changes.
  5. Element and API monitoring: Alertbits can monitor specific HTML elements and APIs for changes, making it easy for businesses to track changes to specific website sections.
  6. Easy to use: Alertbits has an intuitive UI and UX, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to use.
  7. Collaborative features: Alertbits allow for easy organization and collaboration, with features like tags for filtering and grouping pages and controlling user access.
  8. Multiple alert settings: Alertbits can send alerts via email, Slack, Discord, or Telegram, ensuring businesses are notified where and when they want.
  9. Integration with existing tools: Alertbits can integrate with other tools and systems that businesses already use, making adding website monitoring to their workflow easy.
  10. Wide range of use cases: Alertbits can be used for various purposes such as market and competition tracking, marketing and SEO, news and information tracking, sales and outreach, security and defacement monitoring, and legal and compliance tracking.

Alertbits is the best solution for you.

Alertbits also offers keyword and API change monitoring. By adding one or multiple words, the tool can alert users when one or all of those words are found or removed from the page. Keywords are highlighted in the search results, and the user can preview the changes.
Regular website maintenance can help detect errors and reduce downtime, as per Wplift.com.

According to Google Cloud Platform, approximately 70% of website changes are only identified once there is a customer-reported issue. Alertbits helps eliminate manual checks on your website and ensures that businesses are always up to date with changes to their website.

Alertbits provides tags to filter and group pages, bulk import URLs, color-coded screenshots, and multiple alert settings. Its intuitive UI and UX make it easy for solopreneurs, freelancers, SMEs, marketing, sales teams, and agencies.


Alertbits is an automatic website monitoring tool that will detect and alert businesses of any changes via email, Slack, Discord, and Telegram. It provides tags to filter and group pages, bulk import URLs, color-coded screenshots, and multiple alert settings.

It is perfect for eliminating manual website checks and getting instant notifications. Businesses can save a significant amount of time with automated website monitoring, according to SpiderMonitor.com, and Alertbits presents an ideal solution for that.

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