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Accordium Lifetime Deal : Domain Uptime Monitoring & Tracking


Are you Tired of Spending Too Much time on Domain Uptime Monitoring? Try Accordium Lifetime Deal.

Accordium is a sales and marketing tool that makes your emails more engaging & personal and helps you close deals faster with electronic signatures

With Accordium, you can define the sequence of events a.k.a Workflows for a contract with approvers, required signers, and a lot more.

Accordium makes your emails engaging and personal and helps you close deals faster with electronic signatures.

Accordium Lifetime Deal

Transform the way your sales team engages with prospects and customers. Improve conversion rates, shorten the cycle, get more replies to emails and collect signatures faster.

Get contracts signed within a minute without having to chase people down or wait for the mail.

Accordium eSign makes the signature process simple. It saves paper, time and money. It’s a quick and easy way to get legally binding electronic signatures.

Easy monitoring of your websites or internet hosts with instant alerts.

Accordium helps you share the video directly with your clients using the link. Add a tracking ID to keep track of all the opens, clicks and engagements.

With Accordium, it’s easy to add a short personal video to your emails. The video puts a face and a voice to the sales message and establishes trust with the prospect. You can monitor open rate and see what type of messaging gets to you closer to closing the deal.

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Accordium Lifetime Deal : Domain Uptime Monitoring & Tracking

Accordium Best Value PRODUCT FOR Business Managers

Electronic signatures & Management

From the moment you send a personalised video to your contact, Accordium is tracking it. Monitor open rates, watch for links clicked and see when your prospect starts watching a video.

Accordium’s unique video sales analytics dashboard shows you the stats you want to see. Your sales reps can see exactly which of their videos have been effective in getting clicks and closing deals, and which haven’t.

With Accordium, you can track exactly how each of your sales videos are performing, how your prospects are responding, and how your deals are progressing.

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Product Features

  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Domain Registration Expiry Notifications
  • Unlimited Instant Alerts (Slack, Microsoft, Telegram & Twitter)
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Certificate Expiry Verification
  • HTML / Keyword Content Verification
  • False Positives & Timeouts
  • Log Data & Reports

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What, if I miss lifetime deal?

If you miss a lifetime deal, you will have to pay recurring monthly fees to use this tool. Lifetime deal may not come again for you so don’t miss grabbing it now.

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